Here Goes

My former apartment sits empty and silent. Keys have been handed in. Boxes have been packed and stored. 

After almost eight years (off and on), I am bidding farewell to Chicago. Leaving is bittersweet, but new opportunities beckon. In the fall, I’ll be starting a masters program in California. But before beginning that professional and personal adventure, I’m heading abroad to satisfy my wanderlust.

Instead of thinking about leaving my favorite US city or worrying about being a student again, I’m focusing on where I’m headed right now: For the next seven weeks, I will be traveling through Australia, Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia. 

I’ll be using this blog to catalog my travels through the sunburnt country, as well as southeast asia. 

First stop, Sydney. I still do not understand the international dateline, but apparently I will not exist on Tuesday. For more on this bizarre phenomenon, check out my main point of reference. 

Assuming, the universe doesn’t break, I’ll be arriving to Australia on Wednesday. Perhaps a kangaroo or platypus will be there to greet me. 



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