In Australia, the significant local cuisine seems to be meat, such as kangaroo, or local fish from the Pacific. As a vegetarian, I’ve skipped these and have searched for other local delicacies. I have been quite pleased to find a plethora of delicious dairy products, including fantastic gelato and yogurt. I’ve also been quite amused by the cheese here, which has flavors such as “Tasty” and “Vintage,” all of which seem to be types of cheddar, although the word cheddar cannot be found on the package.

And, of course, I’ve drunk quite a bit of coffee. Back home, I drink lattes. In South America, I drunk cortados. Here, I’ve been pleased by the flat whites, which are quite smooth and delicious. I can also attest that nescafe is the best instant coffee brand and has helped me get through many early work mornings in hostels.

As I’ve been under the weather the last week, I have not sampled much Australian alcohol. The cider I have had, however, was wonderful and dry. Although, I still think South Africa wins the cider battle with Hunters.

Despite all of the food I’ve been happy to enjoy, I still can’t quite understand Aussie grocery stores. Many of them seem to exist in these weird malls. I’ll avoid commenting on malls, besides to say that I don’t like them. Instead, I’ll say that I don’t know why Australia makes it so difficult to find the entrances to malls or to find the grocery store within them. I think I spent a good hour on this trip walking around massive commercial buildings in Sydney and Cairns looking for the entrance to Coles.



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