Days 24.5-25. 36 Hours in Transit

Almost 36 hours after leaving my accommodation in Sydney, I made it to my hostel in Chiang Mai. For those keeping track, here’s the full story:

Left accommodation in Sydney 7am local Friday morning. Arrived in Bangkok 3am local Saturday morning. Checked into a hotel at 5am. Checked out at 10am. Flight to Chiang Mai delayed 45 minutes. Arrived in Chiang Mai 230pm. Checked into Hostel in the Old City at 330pm.

I am honestly just happy the plane didn’t turn around (two Qantas flights from Sydney had to turn around on Friday due to minor technical issues). Plus, I was lucky to catch some sleep on the flight to Bangkok and a blissful four hours at the hotel. Still, I was quite tired when I made it to Chiang Mai. Given that, I fear I’m not yet prepared to offer commentary on Thailand. Instead, I’ll share a few pictures I captured during my airplane adventures.

-SMC, 8/5

Taken when we still had hope to leave by 2pm

Sydney Airport Sustenance

Bangkok Airport

Best name for a moving walkway ever. Thanks, Bangkok!


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