Days 37 and 40. Hanoi Highlights

Some highlights from 2 days in the capital:

  • Water Puppet Show. The best part was watching two phoenixes inappropriately dance and produce an egg. It was like watching two UChicago Phoenixes awkwardly ask each other out.
  • Talking English. Near the lake in town, three Vietnamese university students approached us and asked to practice their English on camera for a homework assignment. I almost fell over laughing when the topic they were required to discuss was whether falling in love while at university was a good idea.
  • Ho Chi Minh Complex. We didn’t see the body of Ho Chi Minh, but the museum was intriguing.
  • Old Quarter. While the old quarter in Hanoi pales in comparison to that in Hoi An, it did offer one key item of amusement: specialty shops. My favorites were the tape store, the rope store, and the mannequin store.
  • Temple of Literature. This was the first national university, and honors Confucius and other scholars.

-SMC, 8/20


Stained Glass Window, St. Joseph Cathedral


Rope Store/Sailor’s Heaven


Old Town


Picture with University Students, per their request


Huc Bridge, Hoan Kiem Lake


Ngoc Son Temple, Hoan Kiem Lake



Ho Chi Minh Museum


Temple of Literature


Temple of Literature


Ho Chi Minh (looks in better shape than the animatronic Harold Washington at Du Sable…)


Obligatory Tree Hugger Pose (the tree was wet, hence the hesitancy)


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